Day 4 — Short day, just because I can

Today, I got a late start riding, so I could visit with my wonderful niece, Jen and her husband Andy. So, I made this a short day, just because I wanted to! I’m staying at a great little campground just outside of High Springs. Hot showers, yes!

Miles today: 25

Miles total: 169

Screen Shot 2014-04-26 at 7.09.38 PM


I stopped at a convenience store in Alachua  for pretzels and fruit punch. Here’s David, originally from Massachusetts, now living in Florida. He rides his Harley all over the country. He’s ridden to Alaska and back and across the country too. Very cool dude.

Here’s Stanley, I met him too at convenience store. He re-built classic bicycles for fun in college. Also a cool dude. The convenience store lady was cool too and asked me a lot about my trip. I forgot to get her name and a pic, sorry.IMG_1634

Some pretty wild flowers.IMG_1631

Snapped this one for my grandson Mason.
IMG_1635Welcome to High Springs, where all the children are above average and all the adults are high.IMG_1636


Here’s me, pretending to blog.IMG_1639Here’s my neighbors at the campground. Brian and Kim. He’s a full-time student at Santa Fe College, changing careers from being a builder to being a counselor. She’s new to the area and hoping to get a job soon. They are the best kind of neighbors to have. When they went to dinner, they brought me back chicken wings, french fries & cole slaw. Mmmm. Also, notice my big ol’ Corona.IMG_1642That hit the spot. Now I turn in.

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Day 4 — Short day, just because I can — 6 Comments

  1. Good for you! No need to hurry, and it sounded like you enjoyed spending time with your great niece….did your soul good too. As for the good neighbors at the campground, they seem to be the kind of neighbors that we all should have. maybe ones that turn into ‘true friends’. Hey, that big ol’ corona will help relax your poor ol’ muscles! Sleep tight, but not too tight! Good travels tomorrow, true friend! we love ya!

  2. Glad you’re having a good time and meeting so many cool people! Mason loved the pic you snapped for him. It sure is a good thing you’re getting all those miles in each day, with meals like that! Love you!

  3. I hope you are having a great time I wish I could have gone with you on my Harley,couldn’t have done the bicycle thing,hang in there you tough guy.

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