Dip in the Atlantic

I went out to the beach with Heyoka and took a selfie in the Atlantic:



And those of you who knew Donna will appreciate this lady. Her name is Diane. She was picking up shells near where I was taking the selfie. I asked her if she would take a picture for me and she obliged. This is the result:

diane-quinlan-taking-picHaha, after I switched the camera, here’s the result, much better:



After thanking her, we talked a bit. She’s an artist from Ontario and comes to St. Augustine every year with her husband of 41 years. I told her about losing Donna and that we were together 41 years too and how difficult it was for me emotionially, to see her picking up shells just like she loved to do. It turns out Diane’s husband is a drummer, same as me. It was so many coincidences, she said she thinks Donna’s spirit is traveling with me. Here’s a picture of her picking up shells:

diane-quinlan-st-aug-beachNow I start packing and hopefully hit the rode by 10 a.m.



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Dip in the Atlantic — 11 Comments

  1. This is so awesome. Oh how I miss Donna,the sweetest ,most beautiful,caring person I will ever know. Oh to be more like her.Have an awesome trip Lee.

  2. I loved reading that story! It reminds me so much of little Mom, and seeing the photo of Diane picking up the shells is just like seeing Mom in the early morning sun. I remember how sweet she was, smiling all by herself as she gazed at the sea’s treasures washed along the beach. Diane even has a slight resemblance to Mom, as they must indeed be kindred spirits. Love you, ol’ Dad! Safe travels!

  3. I agree Grizz, we already knew that Shorty is always with you, but this was just another confirmation (like the angel coin). Yep we looked for shells many years together while you & Barry were fishing or running around. Its very difficult for me to be at the beach without yall & definitely treasure hunting without her. I still laugh at the first large whelk we found on the shelling trip we took. It was old, ugly, gray & black with holes, but she was so upset I found it before her! After finding more than we could carry, we forgot about the ugly one until we got home & dumped them out. It brought many laughs for years. It was meant for you to meet Diane to give you a ‘little lift’ to start your trip. I’m sure she’ll send many more peeps for you to meet along your travels to help you through the days ahead. be safe, we love ya!

  4. Lee, I remember your telling me about other instances when Donna seemed to be watching over you. It’s fascinating, mysterious — and quite moving. I look forward to reading about your adventure. Be careful.

  5. Lee it brought tears to my eyes reading this,I love to hear you talk about Donna she had the sweetest soul and such a gentle spirit. Lee she loved you so much!!
    I have Soooooo many fond memories of us together when I was growing up.I have no doubt Donna is right there with you.Be safe and enjoy your travels, love you!

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