Eating peaches on the beaches

I took the rental car back and rode Heyoka back to the hotel. Rode the scenic route along A1A. St. Augustine is pretty bike friendly with lots of bike lanes and wide shoulders. The drivers are courteous and give you room for the most part. Spending the day trying to get the waypoints and points of interest uploaded to my Garmin GPS.

Here’s the ride from the rental place:

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 12.01.25 PM


Here’s a panoramic shot of the beach. I’ll get some closer pix when I’m not wearing my bicycle shoes:



Also stopped in a bicycle shop — Island Life. I talked to a nice guy named Dave there and bought a couple more water bottles.

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Eating peaches on the beaches — 7 Comments

  1. Grizz, I asked you if you needed more H2O bottles! Not that it matters, but it would’ve saved you some coins that you might need along your travels. Don’t eat too many peaches, you might mess your ‘breaches’!

    • Thought I left my water bottles in the rental car, but they were packed away when I got back to the hotel. So now I have 6 big ol’ water bottles.

  2. ok, let me see if I understand you….. you just took the car back and was riding Heyoka back to the hotel, as you pass a bike shop you go in and buy 2 water bottles… because you thought you’d left yours in the car? the car you just returned? right? and then, the bottles you already had were ‘packed away’ at the hotel. Packed in what? aren’t your ‘suit cases’ on Heyoka? oh, wait a minute……this sounds you! lol

  3. Hi, Lee
    50 miles is a great day, even tho 10 were unintentional. That cut looks nasty. You’re seeing FL alright. Why the turn southward, instead of north from St. Aug? Have fun,

    • Hey Kevin, I’m using the Adventure Cycling maps and sometimes I think they just like taking the long way around! They try to avoid big highways. So, far most all of the riding has been on 2 lane country roads. I may experiment with taking some shorter routes, but I’m pretty much directionally challenged, so, not sure how it will turn out.

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